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Clarkson, Mississauga's Local Florist Since 1998

Select Flowers has been hand-delivering premium floral arrangements and gift baskets to help strengthen relationships, give love and support, and celebrate life’s special moments since 1998. From birthdays to anniversaries to commemorating a loved one, and every little “just because” moment in between.

With FREE* Same Day Delivery in the Clarkson, Mississauga, ON area, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect flowers to deliver your message and enhance your special occasion. Our stunning arrangements will allow nature’s beauty to inspire your special moment. And because we are a local florist dedicated to your satisfaction, you can always expect your needs to be treated with all the attention to detail they deserve.

Our Specialty Floral Services

Expertly Crafted, Hand-Delivered

Choosing our Florist’s Choice Bouquet gives your gift that personal touch. Once we have expertly handcrafted your order, we will ensure it arrives at its destination on time, hand-delivered. Impress your friends, family, and loved ones with a heartfelt gift from Select Flowers. Let us be your Lovingly Momentmaker.

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Who We Are

The Blooming Beginnings of Select Flowers

Hello, and welcome to Select Flowers! For everyone who’s curious about the roots yes, that’s a flower joke, of their go-to local florist, this is the story for you. Our journey began in the year 2018 and it's been a bouquet of experiences since.

Picture this: a clinical psychologist with a knack for painting, sketching, and writing poetry. A Renaissance individual, if you will. It was during an odd delivery job that our founder discovered their green thumb. A little mishap with some flower arrangements turned into an "Aha!" moment. As they rearranged the toppled flowers, it was clear; they were more beautiful than before.

That accidental magic was a game-changer. It led to a thought: "If I can master the stroke of a brush and the flow of words, why not flower arrangements?" And just like that, the seed was planted. Fueled by this newfound passion, our founder went on to earn a degree in floral design from the prestigious Canadian Institute of Floral Design. Today, Select Flowers is the harmonious blend of artistic creativity, a fortuitous accident, and a deep-rooted love for all things floral.

What Happens Behind the Scenes at Select Flowers
Let’s pull back the green curtain a bit, shall we? Crafting and delivering your flower arrangements is a roller coaster ride, filled with its own set of highs and lows. Whether it's intense sun, a torrential downpour, or a blanket of snow, we're committed to delivering your orders, no excuses.

Imagine the clock ticking down to a last-minute anniversary (it happens to the best of us). We switch gears, rearrange our schedules, and sometimes even break a few speed limits—safely, of course, to ensure your special gift reaches its destination on time. At times, our founder themselves steps in to handle these time-sensitive orders. The end result? A stunning bouquet of the freshest flowers, crafted with love and delivered to you, come hell or high water.

It's worth mentioning that sometimes Mother Nature throws a wrench into our plans. But don’t worry! We'll still move mountains (or snow piles) to make your moment as special as it should be. Your trust and patience keep us going, even when the weather suggests otherwise.

Our Favorite Floral Story & Your Invitation
Out of countless heartfelt stories, it’s near impossible to pick a favorite. Every flower delivery we make adds a new layer to our colorful mosaic of customer experiences. Your stories—of love, apology, celebration, or just because—are the petals that make up the blooming flower of Select Flowers.

So why should you choose Select Flowers for your floral needs? Simply put, you're not just a customer; you're a chapter in our ever-evolving story. Each arrangement we craft is a testament to the joy of gifting and the timeless beauty of flowers.

Eager to be a part of your next special moment, we invite you to choose Select Flowers for your flower delivery needs. Together, let's create memories that will last a lifetime.

P.S. Stuck on picking the perfect bouquet? Reach out to us. At Select Flowers, we’re not just in the business of flowers; we’re in the business of connection, one beautiful petal at a time.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your life's milestones and simple joys.

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